I Think This Classic Necklace Trend Is the Most Versatile Closet Staple Ever


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Some of the things I missed wearing the most when my little ones were babies were my necklaces. Little grabby hands and necklaces do not mix well, so I had to give them up for a minute and settle for wearing other jewelry, like small earrings and my rings. To be honest, I felt naked without a necklace—it is truly versatile and can elevate just about any outfit.

Now that I am able to wear one (or a few) with ease, I just can’t get enough. It’s perfect timing, too, since simple chain necklaces are trending. The options are endless and come in a variety of styles at different price points. My favorites at the moment are paper-clip chains and anchor-chain necklaces in both dainty and chunky versions.

Ahead, shop 30 of my top necklace picks of the moment. There is something for every personal style. Wear one alone or mix and match a few for a cool layered look. 


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