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I Tried 9 Pieces from Our Line That I Swear Look Triple the Price


Welcome to The Great Try-On. With spring officially in full swing, it’s time to ready your wardrobe, and we’re here to provide a little shopping inspiration. We got to try on some of the best spring pieces from some of your favorite brands and documented it all from our at-home dressing rooms so that you can see how they actually look IRL. We hope that our photos and candid reviews will help you shop for spring wardrobe builders that you’ll wear over and over this season and beyond.

I work very closely on Who What Wear Collection as the brand’s creative director, so when I heard our Great Try On feature was back, I knew it was a great chance to showcase what we’ve got cooking for spring. With Who What Wear Collection, we aim to create wearable pieces that will make you feel stylish and are high-quality enough to stay in your wardrobe for years to come. That said, there are certainly some extra-special standouts in every collection that completely nail the “this looks expensive” vibe. You know, those items where you have to double check the price, because you might have paid a lot more? That’s what we’re going for, and of everything in our latest drop, I think these nail it the most. Scroll on to check out my picks, read my reviews, and see how they look on a non-model person (I’m 5’4’’ for reference). Let’s go!


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