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I Tried the Cult Hair Supplement Everyone’s Taking and the Results Were Dramatic


The third part of my hair health routine: collagen powder. While I’ve read about the benefits of collagen supplements in decreasing the speed of aging, minimizing wrinkles, and maintaining skin elasticity, it also has a direct impact on hair health.

The Nutrafol collagen powder “uses a powerful blend of marine collagen peptides to replenish collagen and protect the scalp for stronger, longer hair over time,” Dell’Acqua explained. “It’s important to understand that while collagen is a building block of healthy hair, it can’t improve hair growth on its own, which is why we always recommend using Collagen Infusion alongside Nutrafol hair growth supplements for optimal results.”

I’ve been adding the collagen powder into a morning smoothie and can confirm that you can’t taste it at all. If you want to follow my personal recipe, I’ve been mixing one scoop of collagen powder with a banana, one cup of almond milk, and one scoop of chocolate protein powder.

After investing time into my hair and achieving such incredible results, I was curious if the results are long-lasting or if I would need to continue taking the products to continue seeing results. “The simple answer is yes, Nutrafol should be taken consistently to continue seeing results,” Dell’Acqua explained. “That said, everyone’s hair journey is different. Some people might be dealing with more circumstantial factors like high levels of stress, environmental exposure, or poor diet that can impact hair health, but also be mitigated with other lifestyle changes. Other triggers that affect hair health can’t be avoided like genetic predisposition and aging.”

So, in the end, it ultimately comes down to what is impacting your hair health and the roadmap to optimal hair looks different for everyone. I’ll personally be continuing Nutrafol myself, though, because I’ve never felt more confident about my hair.


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