I Went Viral for My Home Décor—13 Luxury Housewarming Gifts I Approve Of


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You can’t have a scroll through the home décor niche on Instagram or TikTok without coming across a photo of Athena Calderone’s Brooklyn townhouse. You may also know her as @eyeswoon, and her home is absolutely ravishing. It truly always stops my scroll and has me taking a closer peek. While looking like a complete work of art, it has a warm feel that makes me want to cozy up and get comfortable. This is truly the look that so many of us are going for, so of course, I insisted on picking her brain on luxury housewarming gifts.

With so many holidays, birthdays, and events coming up, I’m planning for a few gifting moments and immediately thought to ask Calderone for her take. Her response included many of her favorite items she has in her home. Since she’s tested and approves of them, I certainly trust her picks. Join me in shopping for friends, family, and yours truly.


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