I’m a Fashion Editor—12 Pieces I Rely On for an Easy Office Outfit Every Time


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Following widespread pandemic-induced shutdowns, there’s no doubt that the past two years have likely changed how you view the world, how you work, and even your work wardrobe. After prolonged periods of working from home, I can tell you that most people likely feel one of two things when it comes to going back to the office—excitement or existential dread. But no matter what you feel about workspaces, you’ve probably begun to see parts of the globe reopen everything, including offices. This reopening means the return of one thing: the work wardrobe. While I personally detest sweatpants, I wholeheartedly know that dressing for a more formal workplace again can be stressful. It can feel like you’ve forgotten what’s considered “appropriate” and the easy work outfit ideas you used to rely on to get you there on time.

So in that vein, I’ve done a little personal research to determine what spring staples are must-shops for anyone returning to an office. Whether you’re only going in once a week or every day or just have more meetings out in the world, these 12 staple pieces will make dressing up again effortless and, dare I say, delightful.


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