I’m a Fashion Editor & Mom of 2—This Is the Chic & Easy Outfit I Rely On Daily


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I often get asked if my style has changed since becoming a mom. My immediate reaction is of course not! I still love fashion. I love expressing myself through clothes. I love trying trends. I am undeniably energized by a seriously good outfit. I say this while dressed in black leggings and a basic white tee, which I may or may not have been wearing most of the week. The answer is a little more complex.

Motherhood hasn’t changed my style per se, but it has impacted it. My priorities are different now. Practicality trumps sky high-platforms (or any other trend that doesn’t fit into my lifestyle). And I no longer have the luxury of time to dream up what I’m going to be wearing on any given day in the same way I used to.

What I do rely on as a mother of two (who often goes from press previews to school pickups in one fell swoop) is an outfit template that consists of a few quality yet trend-forward basics that have an effortless silhouette, are easy to move in, but still say chic. Nowadays, this looks like some form of a cool, oversize button-down (preferably striped) paired with loose, tailored trousers and my easy-to-run-in Birks. (I have a fast-as-lightning 3-year-old son, after all.) With the juggle of motherhood and so much going on, this easy outfit offers me the sartorial calm I need at this particular moment in time, and it always works.

Take a look below at variations of the outfit I’ve been wearing on repeat, and shop my favorite button-down and pant picks. Oh and don’t forget accessories. (They’re a dream for amping up a simple look with little effort required.) 


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