I’m a Seasoned Zara Shopper—29 Trendy Finds Too Good to Miss


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There’s a golden rule to remember when it comes to shopping at Zara: act fast. The sheer popularity of the trend purveyor means that, just like you, thousands of people are probably scrolling the website at any given moment, so anything you have your eye on can be gone within seconds. Time is of the essence! That especially goes for special or extended-sized items. (From my experience, size 11 shoes seem to sell out at lightning speed.)

Now that I (hopefully) drove the point home, I’m presenting 29 fresh Zara finds too good to pass up—even for a day. There’s a mix of emerging warm-weather trends and expensive-looking staples that I’m sure will be big hits come the spring and summer. My sartorial sixth sense is pretty accurate at predicting which items will be buzzing among fashion fans, and I’m positive these won’t be in stock for long. Keep clicking below to see the full selection of arrivals. They’re here for a good time, not a long time.


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