I’m a Self-Professed Saint Laurent Bag Expert—These 6 Are Classics


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In the past year alone, I’ve come across so many Saint Laurent bags that I wanted that I’ve lost count. I’m happy to have added one of them to my bag collection (more on that below), but if I had a limitless budget, there are plenty of others I would’ve loved to have adopted.

The beauty of Saint Laurent bags is that they’re particularly timeless. The brand’s signature YSL logo has been around since the ’60s, which proves my point. Whether you opt for one of its bags with the gold logo at the clasp or one with a subtle all-over logo print, your outfit is going to have that coveted chic French-girl air to it. 

If you’re in the market for a Saint Laurent bag, now is a really good time to seek one out, as the brand has been on a roll with its bag releases as of late. Below, shop TK bags that you really can’t go wrong with, and find out why I think they’re great.


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