I’m an Experienced Nordstrom Stylist—These 8 Items Always Sell Out


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Uncovering fresh shopping tips from insiders is always intriguing to us—especially when said intel happens to be in reference to one of our go-to stores. Yes, we’re talking about Nordstrom here. And yes, we did just tap VIP Nordstrom stylist Rose Hayes to fill us in on Nordy shopping advice.

Given that she’s worked as a stylist for 14 years and pulls products from the store on a regular basis, she is well versed in specific categories that sell out because of their popularity and trending aspects. Essentially, she often will tell her clients to go for it if they find something they love in one of these in-demand categories.

Hayes is sharing the items that often have low stock below for a bit of shopping inspiration for you. While there may be a few styles available in-store and on-site, the breadth of options in these categories is usually far slimmer than others.

Keep scrolling to check out a range of items that just may sell out before you know it.


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