I’m in My 20s, and These 9 Items in My Closet Will Still Be Here When I’m 55


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You shouldn’t have to read the headline for me to convince you that I’m an old soul. While I love all of the late nights, early mornings, and adventures that I’m getting out of my 20s, my mind often wanders to the blissful peace that is in my future. I see age as a beautiful thing and love that I am currently building a wardrobe that will stick with me for life. The joyous mental image of what I want my future closet to look like has really begun to influence my shopping habits

As I’m sure you’ve heard, closet space is quite limited in Manhattan, and being a fashion editor means I’m quite intentional with my purchases. I need to know that every item in my closet is something that I will be loving on for many years to come. A few of my recent buys have ended up being standouts, and before I buy something, my mind always prioritizes whether I’m going to still want it down the line. So join me in shopping for the nine items that are so worth holding on to.


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