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What Is an Instagram Viral Video?

An Instagram viral video is a short video clip shared on the social media site Instagram that has gone “viral” in terms of garnering hundreds of thousands or even millions of views and likes in a very short amount of time. A successful viral video results in huge buzz for the creator for a very limited amount of time, providing users with the potential to gain a large following and exposure for their content. 

What Makes a Good Viral Video?

While there is no guarantee that what works for one will work for another, there are some common traits of successful Instagram viral videos. 

First, it’s important to tap into trends and popular culture in some way. Having an on-trend idea or concept is one of the best ways to draw in viewers and get them talking. 

Second, it’s essential to stand out visually and make an impression. This can be done through either humor or clever editing and visuals, but many viral videos incorporate some aspect of this in order to get people’s attention. 

Third, videos that are timely and relevant fare better than those which are not. Instagram rewards content that is timely and appeals to the current trends of the moment, so make sure to keep this in mind when creating your viral video.

Fourth, keep it short and to the point. Videos should be no more than 30 seconds and should be direct enough to make an impact in that short amount of time.

Finally, make sure to use hashtags and keywords in order to get your video found in Instagram’s search feature, as well as drive engagement through comments and likes. 

Examples of Popular Instagram Viral Videos

There are countless examples of popular and successful Instagram viral videos, so here are just a few of the more memorable ones. 

One of the most popular and iconic Instagram viral videos of all time is “Damn, Daniel” from 2016. The video featured two teens talking about a pair of white vans, with the catchphrase “Damn, Daniel” becoming a popular meme and hashtag due to the massive success of the clip. 

Another is the infamous “Shoe Surgeon” video from 2018. Featuring sneaker designs by fashion designer Daniel Hsu, the video saw immense attention from Instagram’s large sneakerhead community and spurred thousands of shares and likes. 

Finally, the “Chewy Challenge” from 2019 featured a clip of a salsa dancer twirling a can of Chewy ice cream while doing a dance routine. The challenge quickly became a popular hashtag, garnering millions of views and likes and helping to promote the Chewy brand in a light and fun way.


Q: How long should an Instagram viral video be? 

A: Generally speaking, viral videos should be no more than 30 seconds in order to make a strong impression. 

Q: What are some key elements of a successful viral video? 

A: A successful viral video should tap into popular culture, stand out visually, be timely and relevant, keep it short and use hashtags and keywords. 

Q: Are there any examples of popular Instagram viral videos that I can refer to?

A: Yes, some of the more popular and memorable examples of Instagram viral videos include “Damn, Daniel”, “The Shoe Surgeon” and “The Chewy Challenge”. 

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