I’ve Been Eyeing These Expensive-Looking Zara Items That Are Actually Under $75


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When I have a last-minute event, have a fashion emergency, or am just in the mood for something trendy and new, Zara is my go-to. There is always something that I can find to style with something I already have or when I need a new basic. I’m either on Zara’s website or browsing in person at the Soho location at least once a week (okay, maybe more than once), so I have my eyes on some great new arrivals. 

But what I love most about Zara is how budget-friendly its prices are without looking inexpensive. There are so many great accessories, shoes, blazers, sets, and blouses that are under $75 but look like they could retail for over $150 easily. So if all of the options Zara has to offer become a little overwhelming, not to worry—I’ve rounded up some of my favorite items under $75.


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