I’ve Gone on 8 Trips Already This Year and These Staples Work for Anywhere


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My travel bug is officially bag. After several years of largely staying put save for a handful of local road trips, I’ve really hit the ground running this year and have racked up the miles to show for it. Since 2022 began (and once I felt comfortable with traveling again), I’ve jetted off to L.A., Mexico City, Puerto Vallarta, and Salt Lake City, just to name a few. Not only have I covered a lot of ground but I’ve also had to pack for a variety of climates and activities from skiing to surfing. While the travel wardrobe I packed was pretty different for each trip, I noticed that I repeated a few of the same staples every time.

I relied on six hyper-versatile staples for each destination that were versatile, comfortable, and above all, packable. What’s more, they all came from our own clothing line. Seeing as the label is founded on the basis of elevated essentials, it’s no surprise that I relied on it for my vacation style staples. To inspire the packing for your next getaway, I’m highlighting the pieces that I can personally vouch for. 


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