Keeping It Casual: 7 Low-Key Shoe Styles I’m Wearing Instead of Heels


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I’m a heel person through and through. No matter how many days I’ve tortured my feet in a row, I’ll still slide them into a pump or even a platform and be on my way. But lately, I’ve been noticing that flatter, more casual shoe styles have begun to pique my interest, something that almost never happens. Perhaps it’s my mind playing tricks on me in an attempt to give my feet a break, or more likely, it’s that footwear designers are stepping up their flat-shoe game. Either way, this season’s comfortable and casual shoe styles have me storing away my heels for the first time in forever. 

Not just any flat shoe will do, though. For me to give up my beloved heels, even temporarily, the alternative must be good. Luckily, all seven of the casual styles ahead are just that—I might even call them great. From classic loafers and riding boots to trendy ballet flats and retro sneakers, check out all the low-key shoe styles that are worth ditching your heels for in 2022. Trust me—your feet will thank you. 


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