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Key Differences Between Dry Shampoo & Hair Texture Spray

Key Differences Between Dry Shampoo & Hair Texture Spray

If you’re always in a hurry and don’t have time for a full wash or style, dry shampoo, and hair texture spray can be lifesavers. While both products can help you maintain your appearance without showering, they have distinct effects on your hair. Dry shampoo is ideal for fighting grease, while texture spray is perfect for styling. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between good dry shampoo and hair texture spray.

Dry Shampoo

What Is It?

Dry shampoo, sometimes called hybrid shampoo, is a popular hair product that can help extend the life of your hairstyle by absorbing oil and grease from your scalp. This type of shampoo typically contains a base of alcohol or starch, which helps to soak up excess oil and sweat. A good dry shampoo can help keep your hair looking clean and fresh between washes, and many also come with added fragrances that leave your hair smelling great. With its easy application and time-saving benefits, dry shampoo has become a go-to product for those looking to keep their hair looking its best.

How Do I Use It?

To see great results, you’ll want to ensure you’re using a good dry shampoo for oily hair the right way. To use dry shampoo effectively, follow these simple steps:

  • Hold the bottle about 6 inches from your head and spray only as much as needed.
  • Once you’ve sprayed, use your fingers to spread the dry shampoo evenly throughout your hair.
  • Make sure the dry shampoo is not visible and your hair looks natural.
  • If desired, use a cool blast of air from a hair dryer to help the shampoo dry faster and add volume to your hair.
  • Enjoy the refreshed and revitalized look of your hair without having to wash it with water.

Hair Texture Spray

What Is It?

Hair texture spray is a type of hair spray that helps enhance your hair’s natural texture and shape. By adding a texturizing spray, you can achieve a messy, undone look or a beachy, tousled hairstyle effortlessly. Texturizing sprays are an excellent choice for those who want to add definition to their hair without using too many hair styling products. They are typically made with ingredients such as sea salt or sugar, which provide a gritty texture to your hair. Good hair texture spray can help you achieve the perfect look you desire while keeping your hair manageable and stylish.

How Do I Use It?

To use a hair texture spray, follow the steps below:

  • Apply the spray on damp hair before styling
  • Focus on spraying the roots before using heat
  • If it’s a powder, use it on dry hair
  • For a beachy look, apply the dry texture spray from root to ends on wet hair
  • Apply again after drying and styling

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