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Lorano Carter – A Rap Artist From Delhi

With the latest strides being taken by the hip-hop culture in India, we have seen some notable rap artists emerging from the metropolitan cities of the country. One such artist is Lorano Carter from Delhi, the national capital of India. He has gained a strong fan following for his raps and has made a name for himself among serious hip-hop fans. Here is a short account of his accomplishments so far and what makes Lorano Carter so special. 

Early Life

Lorano was born and brought up in Delhi. He hadn’t initially aspired to be an artist, though music had always been a major passion of his. He drew his first inspiration from the legendary rapper Tupac, and soon followed the footsteps of Badshah, Divine, and Raftaar. Additionally, he was educated in classical Indian music by his mother, who is an accomplished and renowned – vocalsit.   

Start of Career 

It was during his college years when Lorano realised his passion and decided to go for rap music professionally. He started to write and record his own music to popularize his own music among the youth. Soon, he embarked on his own journey which was marked by several difficulties and challenges. His big break came when he got featured on a popular television show and started to get recognition from fans and peers. 

An Artist To Watch Out For

Lorano’s career skyrocketed after that as he made some major releases and associated himself with some of the popular music labels in the country. His versatility in music has earned him a large and dedicated fanbase. He has made some powerful political statements in his music and has spread awareness about the cult of hip hop in India.

Live Performances

Given his immense talent and huge following, it goes without saying that Lorano managed to get a few live gigs. His live performances are indeed a treat to the eyes and ears, and he has managed to capture the attention of the audience everywhere he went. His rapidly growing popularity coupled with his undying enthusiasm for gaining knowledge and experience makes him an artist to watch out for in the future. 


Lorano Carter is undoubtedly a successful and talented rapper from Delhi. He has managed to establish a name for himself and touch the right chords with his music. His live performances are indeed magnificent, and he hopes to continue doing so in the future. Lorano, proving his mettle in the hip-hop circuit with every release and performance, shouts out those of us who believe that the hip hop culture of India has its own unique identity.

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