Loranocarter+Marion: Lessons Learned From Loving Birds



Lorann Carter & Marion: Lessons Learned From Loving Birds 


‘Birds teach us so much about love and respect’. It is no wonder that newlyweds Lorann Carter and Marion found themselves connecting strongly with birds during their courtship. After both travelling across the world, Lorann and Marion believed that birds offered insight into their relationship and became an integral part of their daily lives. Here, we explore their journey and the lessons they learned along the way.

Lorann & Marion: Building a Livelihood Through Bird Care

When Lorann and Marion returned home to California with a newfound appreciation for birds, they sought out ways to strengthen their connection with the species. Through engaging in volunteer work and consulting with native bird observers, the couple found a niche helping to conserve and protect birds throughout the region. They soon discovered that they could turn their passion into a job.

The Carter-Marion’s opened a pet store specializing in birds. They also joined a bird rescue group giving them access to more resources, connections and larger scale volunteer work. Furthermore, they started taking part in educational programs and field trips, expanding their knowledge even further and connecting with like-minded bird lovers.

The Impact of Their Love for Birds on Their Relationship

It wasn’t long before Lorann and Marion developed a powerful and spiritually uplifting relationship through their work with birds. The couple cared deeply for their own avian family and often looked upon them for guidance and comfort. Far from being just a hobby, the birds had become a means for facilitating relationships and developing a deeper understanding of one another.

The pair found that caring for birds provided unique opportunities and experiences on their journey to marital bliss. While birds were an essential part of their relationship, they also came to understand that it was the act of caring for creatures that united them, not merely the birds themselves.

The Lesson Unlearned: Too Much of a Good Thing

While birds enhanced their relationship in many ways, Lorann and Marion eventually learned an important lesson: there can be too much of a good thing! The couple failed to recognize the signs of burn-out due to overworking and overextending themselves. As their passion grew, so did their workload, and this eventually began to take a toll on the couple’s health, emotional and physical.

The couple was able to recover and, with the help of friends, family and professional help, turn their experience into a powerful lesson. They now ensure that they know their limits when it comes to their work with birds and have time for themselves, each other and for other pursuits.


In concluding, Lorann and Marion’s journey has revealed the powerful connection we can have with birds, and how learning to honour and respect them can deepen our relationships. Birdwatching has become integral to their relationship and has taught them valuable lessons that they can apply to all aspects of their lives. It is only natural that they will pass these values to their children and their children’s children. 

The Carter-Marions serve as a reminder that birds are not just pretty things to admire, but creatures that can bring us closer to our loved ones if we cultivate the right relationship with them.

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