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Lorano Carter+Rangoon: Exploring a Memorable Collaboration  


Lorano Carter and Rangoon have produced an incredible collaborative project in their joint EP, Rangoon. Combining Lorano’s signature style of upbeat contemporary hip-hop production with the soul of Rangoon’s ethnic beats, the EP is an unforgettable blend of cultures that creates a unique sound. From their masterful lyricism to the fascinating production work, this collaboration is something special and worth taking some time to explore. 

Lorano Carter: A New Voice in Hip-Hop 

Lorano Carter is a hip-hop artist from Detroit who has been making noise since his debut album, Heart of the City, in 2017. His sound is a combination of classic hip-hop beats, modern production, and innovative songwriting. His unique sound has made him one of the most exciting up and coming artists in the genre. With a voice that has earned comparisons to the likes of Jay-Z and Nas, Lorano Carter is ready to take over the hip-hop game.

Rangoon: Merging East and West

Rangoon is an 8-member ensemble from Ethiopia which combines traditional Ethiopian music with contemporary hip-hop and R&B. Their sound is a unique fusion of cultures, combining Ethiopian instruments like the krar, kabaro, and washint with urban beats and modern production. The result is a sound that is truly captivating and to top it off, their lyrics are powerful, honest, and thought-provoking. 

The Collaboration 

When Lorano Carter and Rangoon decided to collaborate on the Rangoon EP, the combination of their two distinct sounds created an EP that was unlike anything else. The combination of East and West, rap and reggae, and traditional instruments and contemporary production creates a sound that is both familiar yet strangely fresh. 

Lyrically, the EP could be described as a reflection on life, love, and faith, with Lorano Carter’s verses providing insight into his own life experiences while Rangoon’s traditional Ethiopian instrumentation creates a unique and powerful backdrop for their stories. 


The production on Rangoon is nothing short of masterful, showcasing an eclectic blend of traditional instruments, contemporary production, and hip-hop beats. From the urgent horns on “Ferrari” to the mournful kabaro on “Bye Bye”, the production creates a rich soundscape that keeps you guessing from start to finish. 


The collaboration between Lorano Carter and Rangoon is something truly special. Their unique blending of cultures creates a unique sound that is unlike anything else. Whether you’re a fan of hip-hop, reggae, or traditional music, the Rangoon EP has something for everyone. If you haven’t heard it yet, then it’s definitely worth checking out.

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