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Love hoops? Here are some of the most exotic styling tips for your favorite earrings!

Gold circle earrings

Do you love wearing hoops but styling them is an overwhelming experience for you? Welcome to the club! We all love gnawing at those precious, perfect pieces of jewelry, but when it comes to wearing them, we often tend to turn towards the routine pair of studs that go with almost everything but fail to bring out our full personality. 

Let’s understand how you can style all your stalked pieces and give them a new look altogether!


Your hairstyle will affect the look of your earrings drastically. For a small gold circle earring, you might want to try pinning up your hair in a ponytail or a bun to highlight their look. For big hoops or eccentric circle silver earrings, you can pull your hair back or to one side to let them highlight the drama. 

High Neck or turtlenecks:

Nothing is more classy than a woman comfortable in her skin. It’sIt’s an art to style your hoops with turtlenecks. Not only do they look sensational, but the match can give competition to the whole wardrobe. Make sure the big circles are fully visible on your ears. 


If you want your earring to make a bold statement for you, we recommend you try a hijab wrap. These turban wraps expose your earrings, and it looks the best and flatters your features.

Let’s understand about some of our favorite hoop earrings that are designed to perfection:

Gold circle earrings: The Gold danglers are beautifully handmade hammered circle earrings with a matt finish. They are handmade of sterling silver and three times 22K gold plated. People who love aesthetics cannot skip adding it to their collection.

Sterling Silver big Hoops: The lightweight and comfortable Sterling silver big loops are a fashion choice for most style icons. They are dainty, lightweight, and extremely comfortable. These earrings usually don’t lose color from everyday wear since they are polished by hand and machine for eye-catching shine.

Sparky danglers: If you are attending a ball, or pairing it up with an exotic gown, then we highly recommend you to try the big studded Hoops. Not only will they compliment your dress, but they perfectly suit the evening and your dazzling smile too!

Pearl Hoops Earring: For an old-school yet classic heart, these perfect pairs of earrings are all that you need to define your personality. The organically shaped pearls are perfectly inscribed in the 1.5 floating hammered gold hoop. The gold hoops are usually made with Tumbaga, an alloy made of gold and silver. Since the pearls are organically extracted, the sizes usually differ. 
With so many styles in hand, we recommend you experiment with different techniques  as long as you are comfortable with them. Approximately 83 percent of people in the United States have had their earlobes pierced, which means so many people love wearing earrings and styling them differently. So look for Pinterest styles and try your statements because nothing is better than what appeases you!

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