Madewell Just Marked Down a Ton of Anti-Trend Pieces—These Are the Best Ones


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Around this time of year, I usually go a little crazy with my spending, stocking up on the trendy pieces I eyed all winter while waiting for them to go on sale. But there’s always a catch: By the time those items are added to the sale section, they’re already nearing the end of their time in the sartorial spotlight. Therefore, to avoid another year of last-season pieces in my spring shopping cart, I’m taking a different approach to sale shopping and focusing only on anti-trend pieces. Thankfully, the mecca of timeless and regret-proof style just marked down a ton of items that fit that bill. 

Right now, Madewell is full of discounted items, all up to 40% off when you use the code YESPLS at checkout. And before you ask, yes, it does include the basics—white tees, jeans, and utility jackets—that the brand is known for. So if you, too, have been burned by trendy sales in the past, I suggest you take my lead and use this sale to stock up on pieces that are proven to last beyond just one season. 

Keep scrolling for the very best anti-trend pieces from Madewell’s limited-time sale. 


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