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Meet the Women Redefining the Cannabis Industry: Whitney Beatty & Ebony Andersen


There is no denying that Whitney Beatty and Ebony Andersen, the pair behind the L.A.-based dispensary Josephine & Billie’s, are completely shifting the cannabis narrative. Founding their business with the mission to bring first-in-class cannabis education, access, and community to women of color through an elevated retail experience, Beatty and Andersen are setting a new industry precedent. The two have coined the term “cannabis speakeasy” through their callback to the jazz age and the days of “tea pads” in Black communities of the ’20s and ’30s—where folks would go to relax, listen to jazz, and safely consume cannabis—as an homage to Josephine Baker and Billie Holiday. 

With Beatty as the CEO and Andersen as the COO, the business has become a true first-of-its-kind environment for the community, offering extensive product information and an emphasis on POC, queer, and women-owned brands. Josephine & Billie’s has impressively garnered the attention of Jay-Z and The Parent Company, where he serves as chief visionary officer, and he has invested in their vision. 


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