A Mini Dress for Every Event – Casual, Formal or Semi-formal!



Flaunt the very feminine side of your personality and highlight your delicate and well-toned silhouette in a mini dress from Couture Candy! Whatever the occasion may be, a mini dress is an excellent way to make a statement in the crowd. 

There is always a right, cute mini dress for any occasion that you name; flared and bubbly, fitted and bold!  Let your natural, beautiful and graceful self-speak volumes with mini dresses. 

For a Bold & Sexy Statement

For a Bold & Sexy Statement

Explore the world of mini dresses, experiment with different colours, and different styles. Let the cocktails be a more than just the “too classy” kind of an event. Add a hint of freshness to the cocktail party with a beaded, high halter, illusion satin cocktail party dress. This summer mini dress is a combination of a short pleated skirt with ornate bodice and its soothing colour brings a whole new young and fresh feel to the event. An embroidered, laced up tulle cocktail dress also makes a great outfit for cocktails. This short tulle skirt dress with a lace-up embroidered bodice is a mix of sexy and bubbly, and hence perfect to slay in style at the cocktail party!

For a Sophisticated Look

For a Sophisticated Look

If you are someone who prefers to dress up formally, there are mini formal dresses for you too! A lace appliquéd illusion midriff sheath short formal dress is an excellent choice if you want both bold and formal together. The delicate floral lace and sheath details of this fitted dress flaunt your curves with perfection. For a classier take on the minis, choose the high haltered lace sheath cocktail dress. Addressing every curve with perfection, this royal coloured dress makes a strong and sophisticated style statement. Romantically wrapped in floral appliqués, you will be glad about adorning such a perfect design!

For a Mix of Hot & Elegant 

For a Sophisticated Look

Take the middle road; go for a mix of both the frolic and the formal mini dresses. It is not always that you want those body-hugging perfections or even the too bubbly ones, so a combination of the two is just what you need. The sleeveless lace bodice tulle A-line cocktail dress and the strapless embellished sweetheart A-line cocktail dress are the types that you need. These dresses are effortlessly graceful and are not the body-hugging types. Elegantly laced and embellished, formal, or casual, these look amazing at every event! 

Rule the mini dress party with the latest and the trendiest mini dresses! Your beautiful self deserves an equally pretty dress too after all!

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