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5 Most Amazing Shades of Mother Of the Bride Dresses 2021

Mother Of the Bride Dresses 2021

Undoubtedly, your daughter’s wedding is going to be one of the most special events of all times. Of course, you need to dress your best for this moment. That is why go through the mother of the bride dresses 2021 collection to view a number of exciting options that are both trendy and age-appropriate. 

One of the most important aspects of shopping for dresses for the mother of the bride is choosing the right colour that will compliment your skin tone. Here are the top 5 chic colours of MOB dresses that you must check out before choosing:

1. Ivory

If the bride wears white, this colour will create a perfect synchronization. Ivory usually compliments all types of skin tone. If you want a sophisticated attire, an ivory gown with embroidered work on the fabric will do wonders. However, ivory can also be worn as a gorgeous colour. Just choose a dress with a long train or bead embellishments and you’re good to go. Best of all, it is not exactly white and that’s why it won’t steal the bride’s thunder. 

Check out these amazing ivory dresses by designer brands:


2. Champagne

In such a gathering which is filled with joy and love, this is the warmest colour. While this is also a chic colour, you can accessorize accordingly to give it a glamorous edge. Especially, if you have a medium light skin tone, it will add a glow to it. Champagne colour fitted dresses are perfect. The flare isn’t too much; thus, there is a balance between the glamour and sophistication. Remember that this isn’t a dazzling colour; however, if you want dazzling, bead embellishments or sequins are your thing. 

These are the champagne-coloured mother of the bride dresses that you’d like:


3. Light Crystal Blue

Crystal blue is another such colour that will go perfectly with the sophisticated decorations of the venue. It is also considered to be a formal colour. It is rather a tranquil colour that will add a certain amount of serenity to your look. In fact, this colour is particularly complimentary for dark complexions because the contrast is visible clearly. Besides, this is also quite a flattering colour that can conceal the downsides of your figure in some cases. Usually, embellishments on this shade take away the sophisticated essence of it but crystals or rhinestones look good with it. 

Here are the crystal blue mother of the bride gowns that will look perfect on you:


4. Mauve

This is a colour that will work well at outdoor ceremonies, preferably in a vineyard or amidst nature. Certainly, it is a very romantic colour that also represents decadence and youth. A mauve gown with embroidered work will look extremely classy at the occasion. Of course, it is a vintage colour that is regarded as close to nature which makes it automatically a warm shade. 

Browse through these classic mauve MOB gowns that will take your breath away:


5. Silver Chalice

It can be described as a lighter shade of conventional silver that is somewhere between both glamorous and sophisticated. If you are having a fancy wedding ceremony and the dress-code is pure elegance, this is the colour that you must go for. Dresses with silver embellishments or embroidery on the fabric can also be an amazing choice. 

Look through these fashionable items:


The latest collection also has a wide range of plus size mother of the bride dresses that curvy moms can go through. If you’re concerned about the budget, don’t be because the cheap mother of the bride dresses section has a lot of attractive options as well. 

Happy shopping!

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