Oily Skin Loves *This* Type of Foundation—Here’s Why


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With so many different types of foundations out there on the market, you can truly pick one to suit your mood at any given moment. Whether you want a lighter, natural-looking formula or ultra-matte one, I can guarantee there’s a fan- and makeup-artist favorite out there that fits the bill. My particular favorite is a water-based formula because they’re great for oily, acne-prone skin. You know who else agrees? Dermatologists!

Azadeh Shirazi, MD, says “I think using a water-based foundation can really help acne-prone skin. They’re lighter and don’t slip into pores easily like oils which are comedogenic and easily clog them up.” So if you’re prone to excess oil or beakouts, this type of foundation may just be your new holy grail. If you’re looking for a few options to test out for yourself, keep scrolling below for the best of the best and a few Shirazi highly recommends herself.


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