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Ombré Hair – 13 Unexpected Ways To Work The Hair Colour Trend In 2020

10 Ombré Hair Colour Ideas

Fact – our obsession with all things ombré hair may never be over. It might be 2020 but we’re still lusting after the au natural blended hair dye trend. Which is why we’ve rounded up the best ombré hair colour ideas that are totally unexpected.

So what’s the 2020 update on ombré? ‘Its just more subtle now,’ says Expert Colourist and Founder of Josh Wood Colour, Josh Wood. ‘Less of a dip and more of a soft sun kiss colour in the ends of the hair. It’s so much easier to maintain and can look extremely natural.’

Forget plain old caramel hues (although we still wouldn’t say no to Jessica Alba-worthy hair), 2020 is all about out of the box ombré hair colours with a subtle twist. ‘Colours that look multi tonal not a “block” colour look better,’ says Wood. ‘It’s different subtle tones in one look. At Louis Vuitton someone described the hair colour I created as “childlike hair colour”‘.

1. Smoky Amethyst Ombré

Embrace your inner crystal lover with a smoky amethyst ombrè that’s lilac at the roots and inky grey at the ends.

2. Ombrè Ponytail

Go for a more subtle ombrè by placing it discreetly underneath your top layer of hair – that way it can peek through when you put your hair up into a ponytail.

3. Billie Eilish Ombré

Go for a reverse Billie Eilish with lime green ombrè tips instead of roots.

4. Icy Blue Ombré

Update a classic bleached blonde with icy blue ombré tips.

5. Rainbow Ends Ombré

Add a wash of multi-coloured ombré to your usual blonde with pastel rainbow tips.

6. Rose Gold Ombré

Update last year’s bubblegum pink hair with a sophisticated rose gold ombré.

7. Gold To Silver Ombré

Dark roots, golden lengths and pearly ends make for this year’s hottest blonde ombré update.

8. Root Vs Tips Ombré

Keep roots super dark and tips bright auburn for a dramatic ombré effect.

9. Pastel Watermelon Ombré

Ombré doesn’t have to mean brown roots and blonde ends. Switch things up with pink on top and mint through the lengths for the perfect pastel watermelon ombré.

10. Moody Blue Ombré

Inky blue ends look even more dramatic when faded in with blonde and grey tones.

11. Peach Blonde Ombré

Blonde doesn’t have to mean boring. Fade darker roots into pastel peach ends for a summery twist.

12. Auburn Ombré

Darker hair always looks seriously epic with fiery red ombré ends.

13. Pastel Peach Ombré

Shaking up your usual ombré doesn’t have to mean garish or attenti0n grabbing. Try this super subtle nod to the trend that blends platinum blonde roots into barely there peach instead.


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