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Prom Dress Styles That Enhance Your Body Shape

Prom Dress Styles That Enhance Your Body Shape

One of the most awaited magical nights in every young person’s life has to be the prom night. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to shine on and create unforgettable memories. 

As you get started for this occasion, you start making a checklist on what and how to prepare for the night. And that whole process starts with finding that one prom dress that will boost your confidence and make you the head turner of the event. We believe that everybody should be celebrated and finding a dress that compliments your body shape is the key to feeling like a true prom queen. 

Below is the comprehensive guide on what to wear with what kind of body shape and how you can enhance the beauty of your dress. So, let’s start and find prom dresses that are going to make you feel your absolute best. 

Body Types and Their Best Prom Dress Styles:

Fashion designers and stylists often consider various body shapes when designing clothing collections for both stylish and flattering looks. So, before finalizing a dress for any of your special occasions, it is crucial to understand your body type for a flawless fit. To find your perfect body shape, always use a body type calculator before buying a dress.

Below are some of the female body shapes with their recommended dress types: 

Apple Shaped Body

Apple-shaped bodies usually have a fuller midsection with narrower hips and shoulders.  So, the dress that you will select is going to be something that draws all the attention from the midsection and creates a balance. 

Below are some of the dress suggestions that you can consider:

  • A-line dresses: These dresses cinch the waist and give out a graceful flow at the end, while giving a balanced silhouette and lessening the attention at the midsection. 
  • Empire waist dresses: This kind of dresses offer waistline right below the bust area and creates an elongated look and draws all the attention to the upper body. 
  • Fit-and-flare dresses: These dresses give the fitted look on the top and eventually flares out at the bottom giving you an elongated look and flatters your curves. 

Pear Shaped Body

Person who has pear shaped bodies possess wider hips and has a smaller bust and shoulders. The main aim of getting prom dresses for these body shapes is to accentuate the upper body and balance out the lower body. 

Below are some of the dress suggestions that you can consider:

  • Mermaid dresses: These mermaid dresses hug the body to the knees and then flares out at the end, creating an hourglass illusion and highlights the curves.
  • Trumpet dresses: These dresses are almost similar to the mermaid dresses, but they give out a gentle flare and this kind of style balances the hip and the bust area, while creating an elegant silhouette. 
  • High-waisted dresses: These dresses come with a cinched waistline that stays just above the natural waist and help elongate the legs, balancing out the proportions.

Hourglass Body Type:

One of the most common and well defined body types is hourglass shape, and it balances between upper and the lower body and defines the waistline.  

Below are some of the dress suggestions that you can consider:

  • Ball gowns: These carry one of the most classic yet glamorous styles. This accentuates the hourglass shape as it emphasizes the waist offering a full skirt!
  • Fit-and-flare dresses: These kinds of dresses work wonders for the hourglass body shape, as it highlights the curves in the most flattering way.  
  • Sheath dresses: These sleek and well-fitted dresses follow the natural silhouette’s of the body, while also highlighting the curves without overwhelming them.

Inverted Triangle Body Type:

The inverted triangle body shape has broader shoulders and narrower bust and hips. The aim is to create a well balanced silhouette by drawing all the attention to the body facade. 

Below are some of the dress suggestions that you can consider:

  • Column dresses: These dresses have a straight and slim build silhouette, that completes your body’s natural shape. Keeping all the attention at the shoulders. 
  • Empire waist dresses: By raising the waistline, these dresses create an illusion of a longer torso and create  balance at the shoulders.  
  • High-neck dresses: High-necklines dresses draw all the focus towards upwards and take all the shoulder’s attention, creating an elongated appearance. 

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prom Dress:

Well, we are done with various body types and what kind of dresses will go  with these body types. Once we get settled with dress type, we can move on to other factors that are equally important, when it comes to selecting prom dresses for 2024. 

Dress Color:

The color of the prom dress also creates a significant impact to your overall look. You have to be mindful of the colors, as it should not contradict with the theme of the event or with your plus one. Therefore, pick a color that compliments your skin tone and flatters your natural beauty too. 

Bold and vibrant colors can make a statement, while soft and pastel colors will make you look graceful and elegant

Dress Fabric:

The next thing to consider is the fabric of your dresses, as it affects the way you will drape it and how it will look on your body. Always opt for fabric that will give a natural flow to your whole body as you are going to dance away the whole night. 

Rich, lush fabrics like silk, chiffon and satin are the popular choices for the prom dresses, as they will allow you to dance the night off. 


Accessorizing your prom dresses with the right kind of jewelry can elevate your whole outfit to the next level. But keep in mind that less is always more. A statement necklace or a pair of elegant earrings  can work wonders if placed well with your prom dresses. Always consider the neckline and the kind of fabric you are picking for your prom dress and then accordingly accessorize it. 

Tips for Finding the Perfect Prom Dress

Try on a variety of styles

It’s never too late to experiment with different styles. Always try on various options before finalizing that one dress. Always keep an open mind and do not step back from coming out of your comfort zone. 

Get professional help if needed

Most of the time, we don’t get the right amount of dress options or styles, and even at times we get overwhelmed by seeing so many options right in front of us. So, it is better to visit the store and seek professional help. As they can guide you better, what kind of dress will flatter your body shape and what will look better on your skin tone and moreover, they can also help you in finding the right silhouette as per your style and preference. 

So, with the right kind of insights, you can get the perfect prom dress that will hug your curves and accentuate it.

Be confident in your choice:

Eventually, everything revolves around how you dress up and how well you present yourself so when you feel good, eventually everything starts looking better and in this way, you can dance the night away Ultimately, the most important thing is to feel confident and when you feel good in what you’re wearing, it will reflect in your posture and overall demeanor throughout the night.


Your prom night is the most awaited night of your school times and once gone, all you are left with great memories of you and how good you looked. So following all the above guidelines, with what kind of prom dresses, color and fabric you should go with, you can now ace the look.

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