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The launch of Quibi’s $100 million Roku channel marks a major shift in streaming platforms. Quibi, a short-form mobile video platform, is attempting to break into the home entertainment market with the launch of its own original channel on Roku. Roku is the number one streaming platform in the United States and having its own channel is a major step forward for the short-form video company. This move launched by Quibi is seen as a competitive attempt to draw more users and create a less congested, more engaged streaming experience.

What is Quibi and What Content Will it Offer?

Quibi is a short-form mobile streaming platform that offers content less than 10 minutes long, aiming to capture young, mobile audiences. Founded in 2018 and officially launched in April 2020 by Jeffrey Katzenberg, the platform offers programming in genres such as comedy, drama, lifestyle, reality, novel-to-show documentaries, investigations, sports, news and more. Quibi is available on a variety of devices and platforms, including Roku, and its own streaming service, so viewers can easily access the service anywhere and anytime.

How Will This Benefit Users?

Quibi’s move to join the Roku platform is seen as a major step forward in bridging the mobile and television streaming divide. The shorter content length and mobile-first experience of Quibi is expected to be a big draw for viewers, not only allowing them to easily watch shows on the go, but also allowing them to quickly dip into and out of episodes without having to sit through full length television shows. By giving Quibi its own channel, Roku is providing a better viewing experience for those who prefer shorter, mobile programing. 

Competition with Other Streaming Services

The move to launch a channel on Roku gives Quibi more visibility, allowing the platform to compete more with established streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu. As more viewers become increasingly accustomed to consumer habits like “binge-watching” entire series instead of individual episodes, Quibi stands to gain more subscribers by offering its own streaming channel instead of being available as an app within existing streaming services. Additionally, Quibi is also engaging in a special type of marketing strategy by offering its own streaming channel instead of being an app within existing streaming services. This marketing technique allows Quibi to target its content to Roku viewers, while also introducing Quibi to viewers who had not heard of or wanted to watch short-form video content.


The formation of the Quibi and Roku partnership is an important step for Quibi’s foray into the home entertainment market. By having its own streaming channel, Quibi can reach wider audiences and compete more directly with established streaming services. This move also provides a unique viewing experience for those who prefer shorter, mobile programming. With more viewers moving away from traditional TV and towards streaming services, Quibi’s move is seen as a successful attempt to break into the home entertainment market. 

Related FAQ’S: 

  1. Does Quibi have its own streaming channel? 

Yes, Quibi has its own streaming channel on Roku, making it easier to access Quibi’s short-form mobile programming. 

  1. What benefits does Quibi’s Roku channel offer? 

Since Quibi’s streaming channel is on the Roku platform, it gives viewers access to shorter content than traditional TV shows. Additionally, this move also provides a competitive marketing advantage for Quibi, as it can target its content to Roku viewers and potentially attract more subscribers. 

  1. How does Quibi’s Roku channel compare to traditional streaming services? 

Quibi’s Roku channel is unique in that it offers shorter content than traditional streaming services and is mobile-first, allowing it to target viewers who prefer mobile programming. Additionally, with its own streaming channel, Quibi can compete more directly with established streaming services for subscribers. 


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