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Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Gujarat: Traditional Attire for Men and Women

Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Gujarat: Traditional Attire for Men and Women

Gujarat, with its vibrant culture and rich heritage, boasts traditional attire that is not only visually stunning but also deeply rooted in its history. Let’s delve into the gujarati traditional dress, celebrating the unique styles worn by both men and women.

Traditional Dress of Gujarat for Men:

For Upper Body:


The Kediyu, often referred to as Angrakhu, is a flowing kurta with frills, paired with Chorno for an authentic Gujarati look.


While Kediyu is traditional, everyday wear for men often includes cotton Kurtas, while festive occasions call for embroidered silk or fancy material Kurtas like Chanderi.

Colorful Shirts:

Vibrant, patterned shirts are a daily fashion statement for Gujarati men, reminiscent of the popular character Jetha Lal from “Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chashma.”

For Lower Body:


A comfortable, cotton pant resembling a stitched dhoti, tied with a string or elastic around the waist, Chorno is a staple in men’s traditional Gujarati clothing.


Typically worn by elderly men or those in rural areas, the Dhoti is a wrapped cloth around the waist and legs, though modern urban men often opt for kurtas and pajamas or trousers.



A turban worn by rural Gujarati men, the Phento features layered cloth in a variety of colors and patterns.

Traditional Dress of Gujarat for Women:

For Upper Body:


Choli-Ghagra or Lehenga, a popular style for weddings and festivals, features colorful choli with a vibrant chaniyo (skirt), adorned with intricate mirror work and gotta-patti.


Sarees in Gujarat, akin to those in North India, are distinguished by the pallu worn in front. The pallu, embellished with fancy motifs and embroidery, adds a unique touch.

For Lower Body:


A skirt with thread and mirror work, paired with a traditional blouse (choli) and dupatta, the Chaniyo is reserved for special occasions like weddings and religious ceremonies.

Chunri (Dupatta):

A versatile piece, the Chunri is celebrated for its vibrant colors and patterns. Worn in various styles, it holds cultural significance for rural Gujarati women, representing dignity when covering their heads.

The traditional dressing styles of Gujarat beautifully reflect the state’s cultural diversity and artistic finesse. Which of these styles captures your admiration the most? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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