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Business – An Introduction is an incredible online tool that allows teachers and students to practice mathematics problems in a real-time environment. The tool is designed for use in schools and can be accessed online for free. It provides teachers and students with a wide range of math problems to solve and offers helpful hints and tips on how to best solve each problem. The online platform helps students develop their math skills through fun and engaging activities.

The platform is available in both English and Spanish, so everyone can benefit from using it. Through the usage of, teachers are able to make lessons much more engaging and productive. An important aspect of the platform is its collaborative nature, which allows teachers and students to work together on the math topics they are tackling. provides a range of features to make math practice even more effective. These include the ability to track student progress, record teacher feedback and provide feedback of their own, and set up custom math classes. Teachers are also able to assign virtual points and provide rewards for completing tasks. The platform is not limited to active learning, however; students can even use the platform to review their material or practice in their own time. 

Features of is an online and interactive platform designed for math practice. It provides teachers and students with a range of tools and resources to make mathematics practice more effective, engaging, and productive. 

  • Teachers can setup customized classes and assign each student a personalized curriculum.
  • Teachers can track student progress, view reports, and give feedback.
  • Virtual points can be awarded for completing activities and there are rewards for successful completion of tasks.
  • The platform is designed for online and offline use, allowing teachers to set up a practice environment.
  • The platform is available in both English and Spanish. 
  • Students can ask for hints and help with their problems.
  • is free to use. 

Examples can be used in a variety of ways to help teachers prepare their classes and maximize the learning opportunities for their students. Here are some examples of how can be used: 

  • Assign virtual points and rewards – Teachers can use to assign virtual points to students who complete their tasks. This encourages students to engage more in the activities and rewards them for their hard work.
  • Track student progress – Teachers can track their students’ progress and view detailed reports. This helps them identify areas of weakness so that they can focus on providing the appropriate support.
  • Ask for hints and help – Students can ask for help with their problems and access hints to help guide them through the activity. This encourages students to engage with the material and deepen their understanding.
  • Practice in their own time – Students can use to practice their math skills in their own time. This gives students the opportunity to consolidate their learning, review their material and practice for tests.


Q. Is free?
A. Yes, is free to use.

Q. Is only available in English?
A. No, is available in both English and Spanish.

Q. Can I assign rewards to my students?
A. Yes, you can assign virtual points and rewards to your students through

Q. Does provide hints and help?
A. Yes, provides hints and help for students who need it.

Q. Will I be able to track my students’ progress?
A. Yes, allows teachers to track their students’ progress and view detailed reports.

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