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Shapewear Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever

Shapewear Trends That Are More Popular Than Ever

Shapewear has become increasingly popular in the past years and with them also the many styles and trends. Thankfully, the bad reputation of being restrictive and uncomfortable and now even been added in many outfits making everyone feels and look their best. 

Thanks to the inclusivity and body positivity movements that have been getting a lot more popular in the past years, high compression shapewear has now become one of the most important tools for people to enhance their confidence and enjoy comfort, rather than just use to hide our flaws. 

Nowadays, plus size waist trainer is made with modern designs and also a lot of innovative materials, and the shapewear trends that are fresher than ever are the following ones. They are also not only fresh but they have been getting more and more popular too and we believe that you need to check them out. 

The first one is sustainability. 

In the past years, we have seen a rise in sustainability not only in the fashion industry but also in the plus size waist trainer. Now we can find sustainable shapewear that is made with eco-friendly materials. These eco-friendly materials can be bamboo, organic cotton, or even recycled nylon. And thanks to them won’t only be a great choice for our planet and environment but the body shaper will have a breathable fit and are going to be comfortable. 

Another fresh trend is athleisure shapewear and this one won’t go anywhere soon. This trend combines shapewear and athleisure to create a more stylish, comfortable, and functional. It was designed to provide support and compression while letting you move freely. It’s perfect to run errands to be on the go and also to enjoy your favorite workouts. 

Another trend that is perfect and fresh is the seamless one. This one is not only getting popular in the shapewear industry but also in the fashion one. A very know problem that shapewear used to have was that the seams were visible and everyone always you were wearing them. But now with seamless shapewear, this problem is solved. Now they use innovative construction techniques that eliminate visible seams and create a silhouette that is streamlined and smooth. 

Another trend that is getting very popular is high-waisted shapewear. It creates a very flattering shape, especially an hourglass one, while it also provides support and compression to the midsection. This type of shapewear can also be worn under a lot of outfits as it is very versatile. 

The next fresh trend is wireless shapewear. Old shapewear and some modern ones still use underwire or boning. And shapewear that is wireless is definitively a game changer for the ones that want to have their curves enhanced without having to sacrifice comfort and they do by having very innovative construction techniques. 

Butt-lifting shapewear is another trend that you will love to wear, because these garments will support your buttocks and provide compression to them, giving a toned appearance and a more lifted one too. If you want to enhance your curves and have a more flattering silhouette, they are the best choice. 

And finally, a favorite one of everyone’s is the body shaper . This is a trend that has been seeing a huge increase in its popularity in the past years, especially in the fashion industry. But the shapewear industry has taken advantage of this fact and has provided the world with stylish options. They not only provide you with compression but also full-body support from the bottom to the top and giving a seamless silhouette to your body. 

The best thing about body suits is not only the slimming effect that they provide but their versatility. You can wear them as part of your outfits and you’ll not only have an amazing silhouette but also an amazing outfit too.

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