So About These 30 New H&M Items—Yes, They’re Pretty Great


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scroll through H&M on a regular basis as I’m sourcing elevated yet affordable finds to recommend across my various stories. On my recent scour through the new-arrivals section, I noticed quite the smattering of pretty great items. The pieces in question are so good in my eyes that I decided to dedicate this entire feature to the H&M items I’m into.

Included below are spring items that could have the potential to become new staples in your wardrobe. On the elevated-basics front, there are tailoring picks, amazing jeans, and layering pieces. You’ll also find trendier buys and some of the prettiest dresses to wear this season. Without further ado, keep scrolling to check out a range of top-notch H&M items that could very well pique your interest right now. 


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