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Spring Beauty Trends Just Get Us—Here Are Our Favorite Eye Looks


What spring beauty trend are you most excited about?

The retro vibe of a clean, slick, statement liquid eyeliner is really my jam, although it’s taken about a hundred years to pull off doing it myself. But here we are! Just in time for the double-winged cat-eye trend to come along and put my (mostly) steady hand to the test.

How did you create this look?

I started by spritzing my face with the Clean Fresh Skincare Priming Glow Mist ($10). I love anything that adds dewiness, so this is always a good first step. Since I only like light coverage, I mixed a little dollop of foundation with my sunscreen and applied it with my blender starting in my T-zone (where I like the most coverage) and gently working my way out. I added a tiny bit of concealer under my eyes and at the corners of my nose. Then I moved on to the serious business: eyebrows. I love a strong brow. Before I started on my eyeliner, I swept a little bronze eye shadow over my lids. I use oils as part of my skincare routine, so this helps ensure nothing gets smudgy and also adds a nice hint of color. My trick to getting the liquid eyeliner right is to first and foremost find a formula that’s easy to apply, like the Exhibitionist Lash Enhancing Liquid Eyeliner ($8). Then start with whichever eye feels more awkward. (It will be easier to match if you do your stronger side second.) For this double-winged look, I like to start at the inner corner and do one “tick” on each side before going for the second. Then I finish with one long sweep to create a (hopefully!) smooth and seamless line. Last but certainly not least is the Exhibitionist Stretch & Strengthen Mascara. I started with the primer to get a really thick lash for a mod ’60s look. My final step is lipstick—but on my cheek as a cream blush. It makes the overall look feel fresh and perfect for spring.

Why are the eyes so fun to focus on?

For some reason, any color on my lips only tends to last about five minutes. So if I’m going to have fun with makeup, a bold eye is where it’s at. I have super-long eyelashes, but they’re blonde at the tips, so the right mascara really packs a punch, especially if I apply it to my upper and lower lashes.

What do you love most about the Exhibitionist Stretch & Strengthen Mascara?

I love the shape of the brush. it’s extra grippy, so I can really feel it tugging and lengthening every single lash.


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