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Statement Footwear Collection 2021

footwear collection

Whether you are looking forward to a family get together or a night party, wearing trendy footwear can make a difference in your look. With countless styles available, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right one. At this point, you might be thinking about what shoe options are the most trending ones. Well, you will be pleased to know that comfort has a lot of priority when it comes to the stylish footwear collection in 2021. Let’s take a look at the most popular options.

Low Block Heels

Considering the need for comfort, the summer’s most popular heel shapes come in the form of low blocks available in a variety of styles. The trend has been welcomed in 2020, yet has received immense popularity this year. Not only it looks super-stylish but eases your back as you move around. The straps will keep your foot perfectly in place while the block heel will add up to stability.

Athletic Footwear

Who doesn’t want shoes from Nike or Adidas? The trend has incredibly emerged with high-performing kicks. With the increasing interest in athletics and fitness among people, wearing high-end sports shoes has become a norm. In addition to the technical active footwear focusing on features, they have equally highlighted the aesthetics bringing never-ending fashion-focused shoes.

Ornate Heels

It’s time for your footwear to create a real fashion statement with ornate heels. Whether you want to choose a quartz or gilded option, you cannot be simply mistaken with this shoe. A simple design with an elegant embellishment can make you look absolutely stunning. The new season’s fresh styles bring you everything you need from casual wear to wedding-friendly styles.

The Clog

No matter if you like them or not, clogs are the historic staple that keeps on evolving. Many of you are more likely to find a pair of clogs in your parent’s or grandparent’s footwear closet. The new clog styles have adopted a more sleek and chic appearance while keeping up with the vintage classics. Let your shoes speak! 

Combat Boots

Well, combat boots make an all-around choice for camping, hiking, running, and more. Of course for the military crawl as well! These rough & tough and stylish boots can be perfectly paired with any outfit. All you need to do is wear your casual shirt and jeans and put on the combat boots. Expect compliments because you will definitely look the coolest of all. Hit the track hard.

Platform Sandals

Feel the summer breeze as you go out and about wearing platform sandals. The options are numerous – let the shoe fastening stick to the ankle or half the leg. They look flawlessly awesome and feel extremely comfortable. In the last year your Instagram is more likely to be overflowed with flatform thongs, but this year we have seen the overstated design to another level. 

From luxury sports footwear to popular heels and comfort shoes, you will find a range of variations in the footwear collection. These in-demand shoe trends delineate the year 2021. It’s time to walk with style and ease! Let us know your favorite footwear trend from the ones listed above. Do share your opinion in the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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