Steven Crowder Wife Video: A Leaked Look Into Marital Discord



Leaked Video Shows Steven Crowder Berating Pregnant Wife

In May 2023, a disturbing video surfaced online, showing conservative commentator Steven Crowder engaged in a heated argument with his then-pregnant wife, Hilary. The video, which was reportedly leaked by a close friend of Hilary, has sparked outrage and raised serious questions about Crowder’s character and behavior.

Details of the Video

The video, filmed in June 2021, captures an intense exchange between Crowder and Hilary on their patio. Hilary, who appears visibly pregnant, is shown asking Crowder for the car keys so she can go grocery shopping. Crowder, however, refuses her request, claiming that he needs the car to go to the gym. This triggers a heated argument, with Crowder yelling at Hilary and making derogatory remarks about her behavior.

Key Points from the Video

  • Crowder can be heard yelling at Hilary to “f**king watch it” and accusing her of not doing “wifely things.”
  • He tells her that he doesn’t love her and that he feels like he is “stuck” in their marriage.
  • The video has been widely condemned by viewers, with many calling Crowder’s behavior abusive and misogynistic.

Impact of the Video

The release of the video has had a significant impact on Crowder’s career. Several former employees have come forward with accusations of his abusive behavior, both towards Hilary and other staff members. This has led to calls for Crowder to be deplatformed from social media and other online platforms.

Crowder’s Response to the Video

Crowder has claimed that the video was “misleadingly edited” and that it does not accurately represent the state of his marriage. He has also accused Hilary of leaking the video as a way to gain leverage in their divorce proceedings.

Hilary’s Response to the Video

Hilary has not publicly commented on the video. However, her family has released a statement expressing their support for her and condemning Crowder’s behavior.

The Future of Steven Crowder

It remains to be seen what the long-term impact of this video will be on Steven Crowder’s career. However, it is clear that his reputation has been severely damaged. Only time will tell whether he will be able to rebuild his career and regain the trust of his fans.


The “Steven Crowder wife video” is a disturbing glimpse into the personal life of a controversial figure. It raises serious questions about Crowder’s character and behavior, and it is likely to have a significant impact on his career. Only time will tell how this story will unfold.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Steven Crowder Wife Video

What is the “Steven Crowder wife video”?

This video, leaked in May 2023, shows conservative commentator Steven Crowder berating his then-pregnant wife, Hilary, in a heated argument. The video has sparked outrage and raised concerns about his behavior and character.

What happens in the video?

The video captures Crowder yelling at Hilary and refusing her request for the car keys so she can go grocery shopping. He claims he needs the car for the gym and makes derogatory remarks about her behavior.

What are the key points of the video?

  • Crowder uses abusive language, including “f**king watch it” and accusing Hilary of not doing “wifely things.”
  • He expresses dissatisfaction with the marriage, saying he doesn’t love her and feels “stuck.”
  • The video has been widely condemned for its misogynistic and abusive tone.

What has been the impact of the video?

The video has damaged Crowder’s reputation, leading to accusations of abuse from former employees and calls for his deplatforming. His career is likely to be impacted significantly.

How has Crowder responded to the video?

Crowder claims the video is “misleadingly edited” and doesn’t reflect the reality of their marriage. He accuses Hilary of leaking it for leverage in their divorce.

How has Hilary responded to the video?

Hilary hasn’t publicly commented, but her family has issued a statement supporting her and condemning Crowder’s behavior.

What are the resources for further information?

Several articles and reports provide details about the video and its aftermath. Some key resources include:

  • Video: Steven Crowder Berates Wife for Failing to ‘Respect Men’ (Insider)
  • Steven Crowder wife-rant vid reveals ‘abusive’ pattern: ex-staff (NY Post)
  • ‘Fing watch it”: Video shows conservative Christian podcaster Steven Crowder allegedly berating his now ex-wife* (The Independent)

What is the future of Steven Crowder?

The long-term impact on Crowder’s career remains uncertain. He faces significant reputational damage and may experience challenges rebuilding his career and regaining fan trust.

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