Summer’s Coming—Here Are 6 Things to Toss Before It Arrives


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Don’t worry, we aren’t going to make you literally throw away any of the clothing in your closet, but as we’ve been uncovering dozens of incredible summertime pieces, we’ve been stressing about how they’re all going to fit into our closets. If you’re anything like me, you waited until the last second (aka right now) to begin any of your spring cleaning. That means all of your fall and winter pieces are still sitting center stage in your closet, disabling you from even seeing the pretty new summer things you’re adding to it. Well, my friends, that stops here. Your ultimate spring-to-summer style transition is now in full force. 

In an effort to get you ready for summer, both literally and figuratively, we’re here to gently walk you through what would be a great jumping-off point into your seasonal closet swap. Here, we’ll explain which items you should put away for the time being (store, donate, sell—it’s up to you) so that you can successfully enter into your official spring-to-summer style transition. With items like colored blazers and silky slip skirts on the horizon, there’s no way you’ll miss any of your cold-weather companions. 


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