Thanks to These Nordstrom Customer Reviews, I Now Own 4 New Pairs of Jeans


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Considering there are literally millions of options for jeans online, it’s safe to say that shopping for denim can be a daunting task. Then once I finally find a pair I want, I’m left wondering what size to order or what the fit is like. Rather than throw caution to the wind when deciding whether or not to check out my shopping cart, I’ve taken up consulting what I find to be a seriously underutilized resource: customer reviews. 

I love scrolling through Nordstrom for jeans, and I’ve always found the site’s customer reviews to be extremely honest and thorough. The four options below each had at least 10 ratings and all got four stars (out of five) or above. I’ve included styling options as well to make your life that much easier. So if you’ve been in the market for a new pair of denim and need a little community support, look no further. The people have spoken, and the options sure are sweet.    


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