The 3 Best-Selling Bras I’d Recommend to Anyone I Know


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Style notes: Simone Pérèle is currently switching up much of its collection, so it’s hard to keep track of the best sellers on a day-to-day basis, but overall, it’s this Caresse style that keeps performing well. I also tried on the Delice Underwired 3D Contour Bra (£68) and took it home with me.

Spacer fabric: Spacer is basically a super-high-tech type of ultra-thin padding. It’s synthetic, so it holds its shape, but it’s also breathable, like cotton, thanks to a clever honeycomb texture.

Lightweight and great for travel: You don’t get too hot in this, and it feels weightless to wear, so it’s great for being in all day, but it’s also good for cramming into a suitcase.

Deep cups are good for fuller breasts: So if you have more volume at the top of your chest, this is the one.

Sweetheart neckline: This is the key detail that many women are opting for these days, even if they don’t realise it.

Super feminine: This French label offers the most delicate detailing, even across its simple T-shirt bras.

Remember that French sizing is different: DD doesn’t exist, so you have to skip a size up. That means if you’re usually a DD, choose E, and if E, then choose F, and so on.


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