The Numbers Don’t Lie: 28 Best-Selling Zara Pieces That Will Sell Out by May


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Even a seasoned Zara shopper like myself gets overwhelmed sometimes by the brand’s biweekly drops, each containing hundreds of new arrivals. What can I say? I’m human, too. Even so, like most Zara fans, I never want to miss out on the next It pieces, especially since, as a general rule of thumb, the brand doesn’t restock items once they sell out. (On occasion, exceptions are made for select basics and shoes, which happens every so often.) Then, I got an idea.

Rather than spending hours scrolling through Zara drops multiple times per week, I decided to go straight to the source to find out which pieces from each release were making the biggest impact on shoppers. In other words, I asked the brand point-blank what its best-selling pieces were for this week, and I actually got an answer.

Ahead, find out which Zara items are flying off the virtual shelves right this very second. At this rate, if you don’t act fast, you’ll miss out on them forever.


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