The Shopbop, H&M and Nordstrom Items I Told My Friends to Order Before Summer


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I love giving shopping and style advice. You know, it’s kind of my thing with my role as a fashion editor. On that note, I’m typically the one in my friend group that gets the most questions when it comes to what’s worth buying in the market. In fact, I recently shared a few links to pieces I love in a group chat so my friends could have some inspiration while they’re shopping for spring and summer.

Below you’ll uncover the items I sent over (the first six in the edit), which are from Shopbop, H&M, and Nordstrom. I basically told them to jump fast on the pieces if they’re interested because I don’t think they’ll be in stock for long. To provide further inspiration, I also rounded up other forward finds that I think you’ll be into, including of-the-moment shirting silhouettes, pretty dresses, and standout shoes. Keep scrolling for more. 


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