The Stars Have Aligned—This Is the Spring Trend Meant for Each Zodiac Sign


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What spring 2022 fashion trend to adopt based on your zodiac sign


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Spring arguably is one of the most exciting seasons—the prospect of spending more time outside to watch the world bloom to life again is so special. But with that time outdoors and the shedding of layers comes the stress of getting dressed up again. We’re already a month into spring, and even I can admit to struggling to decide what to ditch from my closet, what to buy, and what to embrace for the new season. In moments of indecision, I wish I had a crystal ball to declare one specific trend that’s destined for me. Alas, I’m not a psychic, and the only crystal ball–inspired thing I own is a Cult Gaia pearl clutch. Still, having a little guidance for spring fashion never hurts, which is when astrology enters the picture. 

Hear me out on this: Astrology is low-key life-changing. I cannot tell you how often I’ve read my full birth chart or my colleagues’ birth charts and thought, Oh, I get it. Knowing about your entire chart can clarify everything from how you communicate with others to your shopping habits. And while I could talk about the benefits of astrology for days, I can’t get you to jump on the full zodiac train, as I’m not a professional astrologer. But I can use a little of my knowledge around astrological signs and spring’s biggest trends to help you determine which spring trend is made for you. It’s no crystal ball, but it’s a starting point. 


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