The Trendy 2022 Updates to Every Typical Spring Item


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Spring has officially started, and the shopping potential has never been better. With the beginning of the new season, I’m working on a closet refresh that’s been a long time in the making.

To aid in this sartorial pursuit, I’ve been focusing on giving some of my spring go-tos a trendy update. This means taking stock of my usual collection of items, such as sunglasses, lightweight jackets, dresses, sandals, denim, knits, and more. From there, I check in with my mental must-have list of on-trend spring pieces and see which updates excite me the most.

This year, for example, I am setting aside my usual jean cutoffs and opting for longer denim Bermuda shorts. Rather than reaching for my beloved oversize green army jacket, I am excited to try a cool quilted pick instead. One thing’s for sure: I am going to fully embrace some great green pieces since I am fully on board with the It color of the year.

Scroll on to see the coolest spring trends to consider for your own closet update this season.


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