These Hair Styling Ideas Are Low-Maintenance, But Look Like You’ve Done the Most


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You can always accessorize. Polko recommends the trendy jaw clip. “It continues to gain momentum as one of this season’s easiest and hottest styling trends,” she says. “To get the look, I like to mix together the Aquage Transforming Paste with the brand’s Finishing Spray and use this blend to slick hair back, using a fine-tooth comb to smooth strands. You can secure hair with an elastic, although they can be stressful and damaging to strands, so I typically forgo that step, twist hair up, and put the jaw clip in. This style also looks cute with two front pieces left out for a face frame.”

And it doesn’t just end with jaw clips. Try any kind of hair accessory to mix things up. “Scarves, headbands, claw clips, pins, and scrunchies are a great way to add something extra to a hairstyle while maintaining the natural feel of the hair,” Englert says. “They are also a great way to disguise a bad hair day or a post-gym style, or to keep a soft look to show off the natural texture while getting the hair off the neck on hot days.”


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