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Things To Know When Visiting Northern Lights

Things To Know When Visiting Northern Lights

Witnessing the northern lights is on the bucket list of many people. It is a natural astronomical phenomenon known as polar lights or “aurora Polaris.” It is curtains of colored lights that are visible occasionally during the night sky. To witness this beauty, December through March are the best months. However, you can witness this phenomenon in a few places as early as August. The best place to see this beautiful show is near the Arctic Circle. It includes Canada, Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Alaska, Greenland, and Finland.

It is quite famous among people. Therefore, before you see the northern lights, you should know a few things about it.

Bring the correct clothes.

Irrespective of where you watch the northern lights, it will likely be in winter. You will be in the dark on a harsh cold night to watch this beautiful phenomenon. So be prepared. Otherwise, you will be running inside to get a jacket. It will result in missing the appearance of the aurora.

 To wait out the night during a cold winter night, you need:

Choose the best time to see the Northern Lights in Norway.

Pick the right time if you are planning a trip to Norway to see the northern lights. Summers are a big no. But even in winter, choosing the correct month is essential. From November to January, the winters are brutal. It may not be possible for you to witness the northern lights in such harsh climates. Instead, plan a trip for late September to October. Or, from late January to March, you can visit Norway to witness the aurora borealis. Also, it is a misconception that you will see this phenomenon when the sky becomes dark around 3 p.m. in December. It’s wrong. You will most likely witness them after 6 p.m. The weather changes here quickly. So, try to pick these months to visit Norway. But also do a quick weather forecast check to be sure.

Don’t just focus on the Northern lights.

If you only go to Norway, Iceland, Finland, or any other location for the northern lights, it’s a waste. Sometimes, no matter how much you try, you cannot witness this magical marvel. Thus, it is better to plan your trip and be excited about other things the city has to offer. If you witness this, it will be an added adventure. But if your trip revolves around this, it may not be as fruitful.

The Aurora Oval is unpredictable.

The northern lights are extremely unpredictable. To see them, the night sky should be clear and dark. It means that in countries like Norway, you might think you will see them as early as 3 p.m. However, that’s not true. The solar wind or sun should have solar flares for the northern lights to appear. The logic behind the aurora borealis is that when the sun’s particles enter the earth’s atmosphere, they collide with gas atoms. When this happens, you will see the northern lights. And even though scientists have developed methods to forecast them, they can be wrong. When the sky was clear with a forecast, there were often no northern lights. They are unpredictable, and you need to be vigilant about witnessing them.

They occur all year around.

A common misconception is that the northern lights occur only in the winter. The truth is, they are active all year round. But they are visible only when the sky is dark. From April through August, most places with this marvel have daylight 24 hours a day. Therefore, it is challenging to see them. But when, in late August, daylight decreases, you can witness them in August too. However, the best months for tourists are late September, October, and January to March.

Book a guided tour.

When chasing the northern lights, booking a guided tour is better. It increases your chances of witnessing this magical phenomenon. The guides know how to chase and track the weather better. They also talk to other guides and will take you to better locations for the best views.

Are you planning to go witness the northern lights? Then ensure you know all about the place. You pack efficiently, such as thermals, if you are going in the winter. Also, don’t forget to take a camera to capture the beautiful moment.


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