This Bare-Leg Trend Is About to Go Viral and Is Already Hailey Bieber Approved


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The moment Prada sent out oversize leather jackets paired with micro hemlines in eight of its 39 runway looks for the S/S 22 collection, I knew the combo was important. Already, we’ve seen the rise of miniskirts as one of the biggest trends this season. Leather jackets are seeing just as big of an uptick, especially upsized silhouettes in a variety of styles ranging from bikers to bombers—very similar to what was on the runway at Prada. Commit this to memory because the leather-jacket trend is only starting to take off.

We’re also beginning to see the outfit pairing gain traction. This week, Hailey Bieber was spotted wearing a tiny skirt with a big leather jacket in a look that is nearly identical to one from the Prada runway. Dua Lipa and fashion insiders have also been testing out the outfit formula. Mark our words: Outfits comprised of micro minis and leather jackets will be huge in 2022.


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