TikTok Said This Bag Is Not the Vibe Now—Here’s What to Replace Yours With


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My jaw dropped when I heard people calling canvas totes are “cheugy.” The logo print totes have become a lifesaver for my attempt to avoid “bag lady” vibes and also save money. You can get them at such a great price and they manage to fit it all without spillover. To my dismay, a few TikTokers on my feed have labeled the bag as outdated. I wouldn’t be spreading the news if I didn’t somewhat agree, within reason. I won’t be throwing away my massive collection of canvas tote bags any time soon but it’s true that if you want to have an elevated beach day, a proper bag for the occasion is kind of a requirement. 

This of course leads me to the decision to invest in a designer beach bag—and I’m bringing you along with me. If every fashion designer is producing an item, that means it must be worth buying and you won’t find a lust-worthy label that doesn’t have a woven bag on the menu. I waded through all of the mediocre styles and am reporting on the best in the market with this article.

And worry not—I’ve included an affordable section as well so you can browse on a budget too. Scroll on to find your new beach day sidekick.


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