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Tips for Decorating Your Wedding Reception

Decorating Your Wedding Reception

Are you in the process of planning your wedding and need some tips on decorating your reception? Getting married is indeed an exciting time in your life, but the planning part can sometimes be stressful. Fortunately, there are some simple solutions to add some elegant decorative flair to your reception.


During your wedding reception, you’re going to want to have places nicely set for your guests at tables in the reception hall. To make a classy, simple, and elegant centerpiece for each table, you can use glass vases to hold white ostrich feathers. Using something like plush feathers gives a unique feel to the decorative scheme. You can also mix the feathers with silk flowers, glass beads, and mylar ribbons to make it jazzier.

Floral Arrangements

Throughout your actual wedding and the following reception, you will need multiple flower arrangements. Weddings and flowers are almost always synonymous, so it’s an important part of planning your day. You don’t have to use all fresh flowers, though. Using silk flowers for some decorations will help keep your fresh floral budget a bit lower. Origami flowers made from folded paper also add a unique touch to your floral setups, and they will be noticed by your guests.

Personalized Party Favors

Most people just make personalized invitations to announce their wedding plans. A popular way for you and your guests to remember your wedding is by having personalized favors made. Many companies offer printing services to add your name or design to just about everything. You could personalize shot glasses, pens, coasters, and many other things with your and your spouse’s names and the date of your wedding.

Getting the right decorative scheme for your reception doesn’t have to be super complicated or expensive. You’ll find that a little creativity goes a long way.


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