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Top 10 Ways To Make Sex More Exciting

Your Partner

Sex will often be foremost in your mind when you first get together with someone. It’s a result of hormones and attraction and the whirlwind of those first few months of a relationship. Yet as time goes on, and you get more comfortable with one another, that element of your relationship can start to become less of a priority. It’s a good idea to look for ways to make sex more exciting; here are the top ten ways to try. 

Keep Your Clothes On

There is probably a certain routine to your sex life and one of the first stages is to get undressed. Why? Try keeping your clothes on instead. This creates a sense of excitement and urgency that can really make things interesting. 

Get Some Toys

Adding sex toys to a relationship is something you should always discuss with your partner – don’t just spring it on them. However, this discussion can be part of the fun. Go to a website like Wet For Her, and start browsing. Pick some favorites and see what happens when they arrive. 

Have An Affair (With Your Partner)

Cheating is never a good thing, but when you’re ‘cheating’ with your partner, it can spice things up nicely. Pretend you’re having an affair by meeting them in secret places and generally being a bit sneaky. This can make you feel much freer when it comes to sex because you’re doing something “naughty”. 

Use Lube

Don’t just rely on your bodies to be ready for sex – sometimes a little extra help is needed. Using lubricants to make things a little easier can take away the pressure and allow you both to enjoy yourselves. 

Get Out Of The Bedroom

The bedroom might be the usual location for sex, but is it the best one? Why not try doing it somewhere else? Ideas include the shower, the kitchen counter, the couch, the stairs, the hallway floor… the list goes on. Change locations and switch things up. 

Try New Positions 

Sexual positions are a lot more important than some would expect – they can make sex much more pleasurable when you pick the right one. Try something out of the ordinary and work your way through hundreds of ideas. 

Touch Yourself

Why let your partner have all the fun? Foreplay is important, of course, but masturbation can also be a great way to get things started. Do it in front of one another for a thrill. 

Talk About Your Fantasies

Do you have a sexual fantasy? Let your partner know! Go into as much detail as you’re comfortable with and the room will quickly heat up. You could even write one down – perhaps surprise your partner with a naughty email during the day. 

Take Away Your Senses 

Want to try something a little different? When you don’t have your sense to act on, sex becomes a lot more interesting, so why not use blindfolds and earplugs? 

Use Mirrors 

We’ve all heard stories about mirrored ceilings, but although we might laugh, those mirrors could be a great way to spice up your sex life. Place one next to the bed, for example and keep an eye on what’s going on. You’ll see yourself in an entirely new way – literally. 

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