Top 5 Choices of Precious Gems to Embed in Fine Jewelry



Though you can wear fine jewelry made just out of precious metals, it feels different when you have one or more stones embedded in it. It gives the fine jewelry enormous grace when it is adorned. If you are looking for fine jewelry with embedded stones, you can find a large variety at bijoux Myel. The most preferred stones for fine jewelry are:


Diamonds are considered to be the hardest substance existing on earth and are known for their beautiful sparkle. They are the most used gemstones in fine jewelry. These get qualified according to the 4Cs, which are the Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat. These versatile stones make a great setting with all the precious metals as well as other gemstones. They are available with a tinge of various colours.


Red Rubies are also very popularly used in fine jewelry. They are very durable and their colours vary as per the saturation levels. Rubies of the finest quality have been known to fetch over $100,000 per carat. These are also evaluated on the basis of the 4Cs, the color being the most important in this case. A very dark ruby or a very light one will not fetch much value.


Emeralds are beautiful green stones that can be very pleasing to the eye. These are also evaluated based on the 4Cs. The color, which is the most appealing for emeralds, varies from bluish to pure green. The most favored shape for emeralds is rectangular owing to its crystal shape. A one carat emerald will generally be bigger than a diamond of the same weight.


Sapphire is a blue gemstone of the highest value. It is popular due to its beautiful color and shine and also for its hardness and durability. The basic mineral of a ruby and sapphire is the same, namely Corundum. Sapphires come in many colors, but if it is mentioned without a color prefix, you can safely assume that the stone being referred to is of the blue variety


Amethyst, which was at one time considered to be as valuable as Ruby and Emerald, lost its monetary value once it was discovered in large amounts. It is still considered to be a very popular gemstone. In ancient times, it was believed to ward off drunkenness. The colours of Amethyst have a range of shades between light and dark purple. The transparent deep purple stones are considered to be the best.

With such a wide range of colorful stones waiting to be embedded in fine jewelry, why wouldn’t you want them in your collection? The entire wardrobe can be matched with one stone or the other. Look out for the charming stone jewelry next time you are out shopping.

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