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Traditional Dress of Arunanchal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh, a region known for its cultural diversity encompassing over 25 tribes and 100 sub-tribes, takes great pride in Traditional Dress of Arunachal Pradesh The indigenous people of Arunachal Pradesh express their cultural identity through a rich tapestry of clothing, heavily influenced by ancestral practices. Weaving, deeply ingrained in the local heritage, thrives as a significant industry in the state.

The traditional dress of Arunachal Pradesh exhibits variety, influenced by geographic regions and tribal affiliations. The use of organic materials such as goat hair, human hair, and tree bark is prevalent in crafting unique jewelry. Natural dyes extracted from trees, barks, flowers, and seeds produce a vibrant array of colors like dark blue, emerald, yellow, and black.

Geometric patterns, floral designs, and stripes adorn the clothing, symbolizing the disciplined lifestyle of the tribes. Shapely pointed triangles often represent hornbills and arrows, while small red squares depict the ferment used in beer-making.

Traditional Dress for Men:
Traditional dress of Arunachal Pradesh for Men

  • Sherdukpen Tribe:
    • Sleeveless silk attire with knee-length edges.
    • Skull cap adorned with Yak hair.
  • Tangsa Tribe:
    • Green wrap-around with white, red, and yellow yarn.
    • Sleeveless shirt and upper garment.
  • Monpas Tribe:
    • Buddhist tribe known for lace and fringe skull caps.
  • Tribe of Lower Kamla Valley:
    • Attractive costumes reflecting the tribe’s uniqueness.
  • Aptana Tribe:
    • Top knot hairstyle (Piiding) and chin tattoos.

Traditional Dress for Women:
Traditional dress of Arunachal Pradesh for Women

  • Sherdukpen Tribe:
    • Collarless, sleeveless knee-length dresses with embroidered jackets.
    • Hair tied in a bun at the back.
  • Tangsa Tribe:
    • Woven petticoat and linen blouse.
  • Miji Tribe:
    • Long cloak, large earrings, and neckpieces.
  • Monpas Tribe:
    • Sleeveless chemise with a long jacket.
  • Tribe of Lower Kamla Valley:
    • Hair tied above the forehead, unique crinoline of cane rings.
  • Aptana Tribe:
    • Distinctive blue-striped tattoos and elaborate hairstyles.

Arunachal Pradesh Bridal Dress:
Arunachal Pradesh Bridal Dress

  • Bridal ensemble called Baku, a loose-fitting silk blouse.
  • Fastened with a belt for an hourglass figure.

Arunachal Pradesh Bridegroom Dress:
Arunachal Pradesh Bridegroom Dress

  • Long coat with natural jewelry and a skull cap with yak skin.

Traditional Jewelry:
Traditional Jewelry of Arunachal Pradesh

  • Cottage industry using beads, wild heads, glass beads, colored bird feathers, and bamboo for bangles and earrings.

Culture of Arunachal Pradesh:
Culture of Arunachal Pradesh

  • Rich and diverse cultural heritage.
  • Historical connections with Mahabharata, Kalika Purana, and significant figures like the 6th Dalai Lama.


  • Siang River Festival:
    • Celebrates communal harmony with activities like elephant races, traditional boat races, river rafting, food festivals, folk dances, and cultural shows.
  • Pangsau Pass Winter Festival:
    • Modern 3-day festival in January featuring folk dances, folk songs, and handloom and handicraft exhibitions.
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