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Traditional Dress of Telangana

Telangana, the youngest state of India, boasts a cultural heritage that has captivated art and history enthusiasts nationwide. Let’s delve into the traditional attire of Telangana, showcasing the distinctive clothing worn by both men and women.

Traditional Dress of Telangana for Men:

Traditional Dress of Telangana for Men

Pancha Dhoti:

The ancient and revered attire of Telangana, worn by Brahmins since time immemorial. Seen in temples and villages, men often exclusively don the Pancha (Dhoti), especially in certain sacred spaces.


Embraced by men across Telangana, the Kurta, woven from cotton in subtle hues, is a preferred choice due to the region’s humidity and variable weather conditions. In Hyderabad, the Kurta finds favor among the Muslim population.

Hyderabadi Sherwani:

Reserved for grand occasions and weddings, the Hyderabadi Sherwani, crafted from materials like nylon with dark colors and embellishments, adds a touch of regality to celebratory events.

Traditional Dress of Telangana For Women:

Traditional Dress of Telangana For Women

Langa Voni:

Langa Voni, a lavish and beautiful ensemble typically made of cotton or fancy materials, is a popular choice for women, especially during weddings.

Salwar Kameez and Churidar:

Borrowing from northern influences, Salwar Kameez and Churidar, made from comfortable cotton fabrics in light, subtle colors, offer versatility for various occasions.

Telangana Bridal Dress:
Telangana Bridal Dress
Brides in Telangana adorn themselves in sarees, with the color varying based on personal preferences and customs. Typically, sarees in white, red, maroon, gold, or green, paired with gold ornaments, create a stunning bridal look.

Telangana Bridegroom Dress:
Telangana Bridegroom Dress

Telangana bridegrooms opt for the Hyderabadi Sherwani in their chosen color, paired with a turban, gold chains, bracelets, and rings, exuding a regal aura reminiscent of kings.

Culture of Telangana:

Culture of Telangana
Telangana’s culture, a blend of Persian, Mughal, Qutub Shahi, and Nizam traditions, is a testament to its rich history. The region hosts various classical and folk music forms, along with cultural influences from Mahayana Buddhism.

Fairs and Festivals of Telangana:

Fairs and Festivals of Telangana
Telangana, much like the rest of India, is a land of festivals. Notable celebrations include Bonalu, Vijayadashami, Bathukama, and Ramadan, each marked by vibrant traditions and cultural fervor.


As we explore the cultural mosaic of Telangana, it becomes evident that this vibrant state seamlessly blends tradition and modernity, offering a unique and fascinating experience for those eager to delve into its rich heritage.

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